EITI Standard

The EITI Standard was adopted at the VI EIT Global Conference held in Sydney, 23-24 May 2013. This Standard is the main regulatory document of the EITI implementation process. The Standard replaces the regulatory documents adopted in the previous years.

Being based on the experiences of the EITI countries in the relevant area the revised Standard came out as an outcome of the cooperative workings and consulting between international EITI Board and the EITI’s partners. It encourages more relevant, more reliable and more usable information, as well as better linkages to wider reforms.

The requirements introduced in the Standard increase the quality of the reporting by making the EITI reports easier to understand and use and assuring the credibility of the data submitted by the government and companies, advance transparency of the revenues from mineral resources by advocating disaggregated reporting by companies, enhance the effectiveness and quality by implementing significant changes in the Validation process and other improvements in the EITI.

EITI Sandard