EITI Secretariat

Azerbaijan EITI Secretariat is hosted by the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Chair of the Committee on EITI and Executive Director of the Oil Fund is overseeing the work of Secretariat. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of EITI in Azerbaijan. The Secretariat established close contacts and extensively cooperates with the foreign and local extractive industry companies operating in the country, government and non-government organizations in order to implement the EITI in Azerbaijan.

EITI Secretariat carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • Conducting monitoring and coordination of the EITI process in Azerbaijan;
  • Arrangement of the technical and organizational support for the activities of the Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) on the implementation of EITI in Azerbaijan;
  • Preparation of the MSG meeting agenda and distribution of it among MSG members;
  • Arrangement and recordation of the MSG meetings and archiving of the documents;
  • Provision of the organizational support to the EITI reports auditing process;
  • Arrangement of the presentation and publishing of the EITI reports and opinions of the Auditors;
  • Arrangement of the various EITI events (meetings, conferences, round tables, meetings of the International Board etc.);
  • Participation at the local and international EITI events;
  • Provision of organizational and technical support for the arrangement of the other events related to the EITI;
  • Participation at the meetings and consultations related to the EITI;
  • Involvement in the arrangement of the use of Azerbaijan’s model in the countries engaged in extractive industries;
  • Arrangement of the allocation of new data regarding EITI at the web page of EITI Azerbaijan;
  • Discharge of other duties when necessary.

Contact Us

adressHeydar Aliyev Avenue 165, Baku, AZ1029

phone(+99412) 498 77 53
ext. number 1803