Multi-stakeholder group

Establishment of Multi-stakeholder group is one of the requirements of the EITI Standard. Taking this into account, MSG comprised of 3 primary and up to 3 alternate members from each Memorandum Parties (Group of Companies, NGO Coalition and Committee) having equal rights was established with an intention to further improve the EITI process, permanently implemented in Azerbaijan within the framework of the Memorandum and to ensure stronger and more effective oversight and management on the EITI process. Meetings of the MSG are held at least four times a year in accordance with Annual Work Plan. Chairman of the Committee becomes the member of MSG on behalf of Azerbaijan government and chairs these meetings.

MSG rights and responsibilities:

a) To develop and approve an annual EITI Work Plan;
b) To determine material revenue sources and the level of material amounts/volumes for these sources within the EITI framework;
c) To approve the reporting forms for the Government and local and foreign companies comprising the Company Group (‘Company Group Members’), if necessary to make corresponding additions and changes to these forms;
d) To define selection criteria and scope of work of an Independent Administrator (‘the Administrator’) for reconciliation of the reports provided by the Government and the Company Group Members, to select and appoint the Administrator;
e) To hear the Administrator’s Opinion, approve or return back for revision;
f) To hear the NGO Coalition’s Opinion, propose and consider amendments;
g) To prepare, approve, publish and distribute the country’s EITI Report (in accordance with clause 2 of this Memorandum) and the Annual Activity Report (in accordance with clause 1.7 of this Memorandum);
h) To initiate proposals regarding the development and improvement of the EITI;
i) To participate in the Validation process conducted by the EITI International Secretariat with an intention to evaluate the status of EITI in the country;
j) To make applications and prepare recommendations to the Parties and international institutions;
k) To engage experts or set up working groups to investigate and make recommendations on issues related to EITI.





Multi-stakeholder group members (2016)

Committee on EITI

Shahmar Movsumov - the Chairman, State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Zaur Fatizadeh - Ministry of Taxes

Amil Mursaliyev - Ministry of Energy

Anar Huseynov - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hajibala Dadashov - State Statistical Committee

Ramin Danyarov - Ministry of Economy


EITI NGO Coalition

Alimammad Nuriyev - “Constitution” Researches Fund 

Sabit Bagirov - Economic and Political Research Center

Azər Mehtiyev - “Support for Economic Initiatives” Public Union

Rafig Tamrazov - Public Union Centre of Equal Opportunities

Mehriban Vazir - Center of Political Culture for Azerbaijani Women  

Qubad Ibadoghlu - Economic Research Centre


Group of Companies 

Tamam Bayatly - BP

Kamran Maharramov - SOCAR

Bakhtiyar Akhundov - Chevron

Rasim Akhundov - Total

Vagif Abdullayev - Neftechala



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